Are you interested in building and enhancing the skills and knowledge that customer and other partners looking in your resource with innovative learning methods? Looking to enhance productivity by empowering individuals to work efficiently and teams to collaborate effectively—in less time and at a lower cost? Do you want to help your employees, establish a strong foundation in IT? “Envisage, what’s likely, when you deliver skills and knowledge on Brio Factors through our expert trainers, classrooms and online capabilities”.

Whether you need new solutions to your customers’ business and IT challenges, need to launch your product to new markets in a quicker way or need to raise the portfolio of training you offer to your customers we can help you value add on all such specific opportunities. A partnership with Brio Factors will enables all this, and offers access to solutions and technology that help your customers reduce IT costs, mitigate risk and manage complexity.

Brio Factors is a respected name for providing IT training to the corporate customers, in a wide range of subjects. We conduct training programs on technical, higher-end subjects for the IT professionals as well as on office automation products like MS-Office, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, MS Project, Crystal Reports, Multimedia tools for the IT users.

Our training programs have been very well received by the participating organizations. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering top-quality training programs, that are tailored to suit the requirements of the client organization, level of the participants and their prior familiarity with the subject, etc.

We have a formal and rigorous process of internal training, evaluation and certification of our training professionals, to ensure that the programs delivered by them provide delight to the participants.

Corporates get the benefit of getting trainings at Brio Factors because we have high caliber, well experienced faculty, we provide the participants hands on training, spacious training environment, customized approach, support and a very responsive culture.

Training Subjects

- Programming languages
- Database Technologies
- .NET Programming
- PHP/MySQL Programming
- Flex Application Development
- Silverlight/Expressions
- Usability & User Experience Design
- Data Warehousing
- Graphic Softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Pagemaker
- Web Design Tools like Dreamweaver, Foreworks, Flash
- 3D/2D Animation